Wholesale VoIP Trading


Wholesale Traffic Provider of VoIP minutes


Redworks is a telecom operator in the Netherlands, using a solid and fully redundant wholesale traffic platform, offering a A-Z routing service to it's affiliates and partners in the wholesale VoIP minutes business.


Regardless the affiliates’ call control protocol, our wholesale traffic system accepts interconnections among all VoIP networks. Redworks can handle the most largest VoIP traffic volumes.


In order to serve clients en vendors we use VoIP networks (via H323) with Real-time Call Detail Records (CDRs) and LCR (least cost routing), call authentication or authorization, statistics such as ASR, ACD and CDR information.



Termination Partnership for Wholesale Interconnection


Redworks is always searching for the best providers and carriers in order to manage a mutual and active partnership.


We do offer pure CLI routes in different countries of the world. 



Wholesale VoIP needs:


The company's needs in Wholesale VoIP termination is based on Redworks global growth demands.

At the moment Redworks cooperates with over 100 partners, such as incumbents, Tier1/2 and the very best VoIP terminators in the World. We are also working with small companies who are looking for stable routes at best price.



What are we looking for?:


  • Direct Connections or  in-country providers of traffic origin.
  • Tier1 or Tier2 VoIP carriers, Calling Card companies, Operators
  • We need Global Call Coverage (A-Z routes)
  • Exchange Traffic Volume in 3 Qualities: Non CLI, Premium, CLI
  • Partners with a continuous flow of traffic and full range of route offers



How to Contact us?


Does your company handle A-Z Wholesale Traffic based on LCR?

Do you provide a full range of routes in different qualities?
We prefer bilateral partnership and post-payment terms (7/3 or 7/7).


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Postal address
Postbus 777
6200 AT Maastricht
The Netherlands, Europe

Headquarter Redworks B.V.
Address: 6212 XN, Parkweg 24
Country: The Netherlands (EU)
Tel: 0031-88-2220444
Carrier Operator
COIN Operator Code: RWKS 
ACM Registration: 942003+942004
Chamber of Commerce
Registration number: 14094660
Kamer van Koophandel Netherlands

VAT: NL 8179.45.003B01
Bankwire: Rabobank
IBAN: NL56RABO0107926679



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